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There has never been a better time to be in the Humber, whether it is to live, work or invest. The region’s unique location enables its outstanding connectivity and transportation links, meaning the right people with the right skills and ideas are always close by. See why the Humber is a leading hub for business development and find out more about a region that is brimming with opportunities and bursting with activity

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Logistics sector

The Humber Port Complex has been a kaleidoscope of change throughout the centuries.

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Talented minds

Our diverse and skilled workforce adds to the powerhouse that is the Humber region.

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Digital connectivity

What is it about their tools, their technology, their talent and their businesses model, that could disrupt our traditional business, and what is it we can learn from them to help innovate within our business?

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A place to call home

There has never been a better time to be in the Humber region.

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Anchor businesses

Vast investment and an ideal location paired with excellent connectivity and transportation links mean the Humber has become a central hub for business development, and inward investor interest from the UK and overseas.

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Creative and Digital

When it comes to creative, advertising and digital business, there is no need to look to Leeds, Manchester or even London, as the Humber region is bursting with activity.

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Strategic partners

We're pleased to have support from the following partners.

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With thanks to all the people who contributed towards this website.

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