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Humber Zero is an industry-led decarbonisation project to remove up to 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (MT/CO2) per annum within the next few years from the industrial site at Immingham and create a low-carbon industrial future for the region.

It is a plan with large-scale impact, reducing CO2 emissions while creating 2500 construction jobs, 200 permanent roles and helping to protect 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in local industry.

The UK has committed to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, a goal which can only be reached by decarbonising existing industry effectively. The Humber is a critical hub of British industry with energy-intensive industries accounting for more than 20% of its economy and 1 in 10 jobs. The region will be an important partner in achieving the UK’s net zero target.

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Humber Zero is backed by Phillips 66 and VPI Immingham and integrates Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) technology into existing co-dependent industries to achieve large-scale decarbonisation. Part of the Humber Zero cluster, VPI Immingham combined heat and power station operates 24/7 to provide steam and power to the neighbouring refineries. Humber Zero will incorporate CCS technology into these industries and aims to remove up to 8MT/CO2 every year by 2030.

The Humber Refinery is one of the most complex refineries operated in Europe and its vast range of products includes not only fuel – it produces some 14 million litres a day, but raw materials that are transformed into everything from critical components for lithium-ion batteries to toiletries. A UK leader in biofuels and the first to process used cooking oil, recently trebling its output. Some 20 per cent of all UK petroleum products come from the facility. The Humber Refinery is also a global leader in the manufacture of premium grade graphite coke used for the electrical vehicle market.

Humber Zero will incorporate CCS technology into these industries and remove up to 8MT/CO2 every year within the next few years.

Humber Zero’s location makes it an ideal gateway project for large-scale decarbonisation in the wider Humber region. The cluster is 1km from the port of Immingham, close to vital CCS transmission infrastructure into the North Sea and positioned along a key pipeline route identified by National Grid to connect and decarbonise industry in the South Humber.

CCS captures CO2 post combustion, and then transports it via pipeline to empty offshore gas fields lying deep beneath the sea’s surface or exports it internationally for commercial use. Offshore gas fields in the North Sea have a capacity of 720 MT/CO2 and could store more than 40 years’ emissions from British industry.

Enough clean hydrogen to power over a million homes

The project intends to produce enough clean hydrogen to power over one million local homes. As well as integrating hydrogen electrolysers into existing industry, the project will take excess wind capacity from the offshore Hornsea wind farm and convert it into hydrogen energy. The Hornsea wind farm will be the world’s largest wind farm upon completion and already connects into the National Grid network via the substation at VPI Immingham. Humber Zero will be able to generate enough power for around 50,000 homes using wind power from Hornsea.

Humber Zero is uniquely placed to achieve rapid, large-scale decarbonisation in Humber, starting with the industrial cluster on the south bank and expanding into the wider region. It is a strategy to support the Humber in a low-carbon future by adapting existing industry, safeguarding jobs and creating opportunity in the forthcoming low carbon economy.



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Powering local homes

Humber Zero’s location makes it an ideal gateway project for large-scale decarbonisation in the wider Humber region.


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